How Centria Leverages Grayscale to Address their Acute Hiring Needs

Centria Healthcare is Michigan’s leading provider of in-home healthcare. Their largest division, Centria Autism Services, is the nation’s leading provider of Autism support and therapies, with over 3,500 employees operating across 10 states.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Centria over the past year, but the nature of our work shifted dramatically with the onset of COVID-19.


The Challenge

Many of Centria’s patients are of the highest acuity, suffering from conditions like respiratory failure. It was paramount that they were able to keep them out of the hospital during this time, not only for their own safety – but to keep hospital beds free for COVID-19 patients.

Their goal during this time is to keep patients safe while maintaining the same level of exceptional care that patients need day in, day out.

Since the onset of pandemic, Centria Healthcare has been all-hands-on-deck for recruitment of field staff, including Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and Home Health Aids (HHAs) to help address this need.

With so much uncertainty and the need to not only hire new staff, but to ensure continuity of care for their current staff who may have to quarantine, Centria was faced with a huge hiring challenge of critical importance.


The Solution

Brandon DuBois, Director of Operations and Healthcare Recruiting, and his team, had to move fast to address this need head on.

Brandon felt it was so important to keep an active and engaged candidate pool, to support their existing patients, while having adequate staff ready to accept new patients from a discharging hospital at any time during COVID-19.
To help address this challenge, he turned to Grayscale.

“We are utilizing Grayscale’s texting platform all hours of the day to follow up on with our recruited and onboarding staff on interview and documentation status.”

– Brandon DuBois, Director of Operations & Recruiting

If this challenge wasn’t enough, Brandon’s team had to move from an in-person orientation process to a completely remote one, and his recruiters have now become the hub of onboarding and new hire experience.

“We would not be able to keep up with our current pipeline and interview volume without Grayscale.”

– Brandon DuBois


Bringing it All Together

Centria Healthcare and their team of amazing recruiters are working tirelessly to serve patients in need every single day, fighting the good fight against COVID-19 in their corner of the world.

And in the process, they’ve been able to create a highly effective high volume recruiting and onboarding process that’s delivering a high touch experience for their candidates and employees.

“We have found that relationships and casual conversations through texting have served us well throughout the past month.”

– Brandon DuBois

If you finding yourself dealing with acute hiring needs like Centria, or you’re facing other business challenges as the result of COVID-19, we’d love to support your team during this time.