How EyeCare Partners Cut Time-to-Fill by 27% in 30 Days with Grayscale

EyeCare Partners is a large and rapidly growing family of Optometry and Ophthalmology practices, with over 450 locations across 20 unique brands in 13 states.


The Challenge

EyeCare Partners is in a highly competitive talent market, recruiting for doctors, nurses, optical and retail staff.

Candidates would unexpectedly disappear from the interview process, ghost recruiters for interviews, not respond to emails, and land a job elsewhere before the team could finish the hiring process.

Quality candidates would apply and then just disappear.

The recruiting team needed a way to get in front of more qualified candidates in the market, as well as keep the ones that did apply engaged.

“We were missing out on great talent even after they were applying. We needed a way to get in front of the right candidates faster than our competitors.”

– Kirby Cole


The Solution

EyeCare implemented Grayscale’s conversational recruiting platform, enabling texting capabilities integrated into their ATS, Greenhouse.

Within days, Kirby’s team of 8 recruiters was texting with candidates at every stage of the process, starting with sourcing, all the way through to onboarding. They immediately felt an impact in their response rates. Using email, response rates were around 2%. With text messaging, response rates jumped to 45%.

Response rate wasn’t the only thing that improved. Candidates were responding to recruiters within 8 minutes.

Part of EyeCare’s hiring process requires candidates to take an assessment. Typically, they saw a 54% completion rate. After adding Grayscale, 78% of candidates were completing the assessment; a huge win for the team, as it meant much fewer candidates bouncing from their process.

Within 30 days of rollout, EyeCare Partners shaved 7 days off their time-to-fill across all requisitions.

“Not only has Grayscale helped us get to candidates faster, we’ve been using it to invite candidates to hiring events, which has increased attendance and hires.”

– Beth Mans

But the work wasn’t done. Another one of Kirby’s goals was to lower the barrier of entry for candidates, ensuring their hiring process was dead simple so more candidates opted in.

EyeCare rolled out Text-for-Jobs, Grayscale’s ‘text apply’ functionality at hiring events and all 450+ locations. Candidates could now text in to learn more about opportunities and apply, all via text message. Almost overnight, candidates started pouring in for their jobs.

On average, EyeCare receives 150 new candidates per month through this channel, and they anticipate having upwards of 2,000 new candidates by the end of the first year.


Bringing it All Together

EyeCare Partners had a great process in place when they approached Grayscale. They had a fantastic ATS in place (Greenhouse), paired with a very tight, effective recruiting process. But they felt they could be more effective. We find most talent acquisition teams are in the exact same situation.

If you’d like to explore how Grayscale could help tighten up your process, we’d love to chat.