I was in the market recently for marketing software. I was looking at options like Salesforce and HubSpot, and I had a bunch of questions to determine which platform was the best fit for us.

I went to Salesforce’s website and was able to get a few of my questions answered based on what was listed on their website. But I still had a lot of questions.

So I filled out a form with the details about my business and waited to hear back.

Then I went to Hubspot’s website, where I was greeted by a chatbot, who asked me a few questions before routing me to the appropriate sales rep to continue the discussion.

In under 5 minutes, I had all my questions answered and decided to schedule a demo. I booked a time and a calendar invite was immediately sent to my inbox.

One week later, about the time a Salesforce rep reached out to me from the form I submitted, I was already onboarding with Hubspot, confident I found the right solution for our business.

As a buyer, my experience with Hubspot happened on my terms, when it was convenient for me. And I loved it, because I could quickly figure out if there was a good fit.

In the world of recruiting, shouldn’t that be how it feels for our candidates as well?


The Next Shift in Recruiting: Conversational Recruiting

We founded Grayscale with a simple question — What if people weren’t forced to apply for a job to get their questions answered and see if they were a good fit?

What if businesses could make it extremely easy, in a scalable way, for candidates to quickly start a conversation, find answers to their questions, and see if there is a mutual fit before they applied.

After all, the application should only be necessary if/when both parties get serious about considering one another.


Why Conversational Recruiting Will Double Your Flow of Qualified Candidates

So here’s the kicker — by treating people right and making it super easy for them to start a conversation with you, the number of qualified candidates open to engaging nearly doubles.

It turns out, without the barrier of an application, candidates engage a lot more.

And this is precisely the goal of conversational recruiting — to allow recruiters to engage in more conversations with qualified candidates.

Brands like CBS Interactive, Zappos, and Follett are opening up channels like live chat, text message, and Facebook Messenger to engage with passive candidates.

Whether someone is visiting a career site, Facebook page, job posting, booth at a hiring event, or store location, candidates can seamlessly start a conversation.

Simple conversations like these can be super powerful for engaging and converting passive candidates.

The goal is not to open up the floodgates for a ton of noise — instead, you want to surface only the most qualified candidates for a recruiter to connect with.


How Conversational Recruiting Saves Recruiters 10+ Hours a Week

At Grayscale, we think chatbots are a great way to automate top of the funnel conversations, while still giving a personalized, tailored experience to candidates.

And when there’s an open job that’s a good match for a candidate’s experience, the bot will introduce a recruiter or hiring manager to take over from there.

This allows recruiters to maximize their time, only having conversations with qualified candidates, while still delivering a high touch experience for every single candidate.

An effective chatbot is equipped to help out with the following recruiting tasks:

  • Sourcing: to help you feed your talent funnel with pre-qualified candidates
  • Answering Candidate FAQs: to help candidates get their questions answered in real time, 24/7
  • Job Search & Apply: to match candidates to the right job opportunity with your company and make it seamless to apply
  • Candidate Screening: to intelligently screen candidates for open jobs
  • Interview scheduling: to seamlessly schedule interviews with qualified candidates

By offloading repetitive tasks like these, recruiters can free up 10+ hours a week to focus on sourcing and proactively building talent pipelines.

This level of automation keeps the recruiter in the driver seat, while supercharging their capabilities and reach. ⚡


Let’s Make the Hiring Process More Human 😄

At Grayscale, we believe conversational recruiting is a better approach to recruiting — for both candidates and recruiters.

It’s time to put the candidate in the driver seat and allow them to engage when, where, and how they want to.