Grayscale Powers Texting for Greenhouse

We were recently hiring for an Account Executive. I emailed a promising candidate that had applied, but she never responded.

I was like 🤷

So I texted her. 10 minutes later we had a time set up to connect. She had missed my email in her “crazy inbox.”

Which got me thinking – how much time are we wasting as recruiters, sending out email after email and waiting to hear back?

Hiring is all about speed, right?

Candidates open 99% of text messages and respond within an hour (versus 18% for emails, and nearly a 24 hr response time).

It’s time we start texting with candidates – but in a way that’s seamlessly integrated the ATS and trackable for organization and compliance.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Greenhouse, so you can leverage the power of texting, baked directly into Greenhouse.


Grayscale Bakes Texting Directly into Greenhouse

We designed our texting platform with Greenhouse in mind, so you can:

  • Text with candidates anywhere inside Greenhouse
  • Automatically update candidate’s Activity Feed with messages sent/received
  • Send both 1:1 and bulk texts to candidates
  • Text on-the-go with our handy mobile app

And if you’re looking to supercharge your texting capabilities, ask us about how we can help automate candidate screening and make scheduling easier than ever!

Let’s Check Out the Integration in Action 🏃

Grayscale integrates our texting capabilities with Greenhouse in a few key ways.

First, we have a Chrome extension that allows you to text candidates and see the full conversation history directly from within the candidate profile.

If you navigate to another profile, you’ll immediately see that specific candidate’s texting history.

And if your colleague has been texting with the candidate? You’ll see that too, all in one consolidated view.


Now if you’re like me, the Activity Feed in Greenhouse is your record of truth for all candidate communication.

With this integration, you’ll see the full texting conversation organized within a single note inside the Activity Feed. This ensures you can quickly see the last communication so you never miss a beat. 💪


Activate Your Greenhouse Integration Today 🤗

The integration takes about 5-minutes to set up, so you can start texting candidates in no time.

To get started, simply visit our Greenhouse Marketplace page and click ‘FAQs’ for step-by-step instructions.