Welcome to Hiring in 2022, What Can I Get for You?

With the rise of fast food, made-to-order, and ready-to-eat products, people have become accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, and exactly how they want it.

Unfortunately, most recruiting teams are struggling to implement processes to capture the attention of their applicants in a quick and efficient manner.

As the expectations of applicants have shifted, it’s harder than ever to create systems that intentionally curate emotional gratification for the applicant without overwhelming and burning out your recruiters.


So What’s the Trick to Creating a Captivating Hiring Process?

We believe you have to make it engaging from the very first point of contact.

If you wait daysor weeksbefore reaching out to an applicant, you already lost their attention.

In the meantime, another job, a different recruiter, or a new opportunity has popped up and is pulling them away from you. If you’re tired of losing great talent to poor processes and lack of manpower, this post is just for you. 😉

Before we jump into how you can maximize your initial touch points to draw a candidate in, let’s talk about some behaviors candidates perceive as red flags in the hiring process.

  • RED FLAG: Leaving your candidates in the dark for more than 48 hours
  • RED FLAG: Sending an automated or obviously templated email and never following up with a personal touch
  • RED FLAG: Expecting the candidate to wait for a response before they continue exploring other opportunities

It’s time to stop sending your applicants red flags and get excited about creating a process almost too good to be true. Here are the ingredients for a new secret sauce.


Use Automation to Make a Quick Contact

With the help of automation, you can trigger an immediate action as soon as they click apply. We recommend using this initial message to set expectations around when a recruiter will follow up with a candidate regarding their application.

Hello! I’m Randalyn with Grayscale. I’ll review your application and be in touch about next steps within 24 hours! If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to reply here. Chat soon!

This easy win is like your crockpotset it and forget it. Using automation to help set expectations with your applicants from step one will keep them more engaged and enable you to build a deeper relationship faster.


Leverage Bulk Messages to Decrease Manual Work

With the help of bulk messages, you can reach out to all your candidates at once! Unlike a group message, each candidate receives a single text that looks like it was written just for them. Think BCCwith a little extra piazza.

As you review applications, you can sort your candidates and send a single message to those not moving forward and a single message to those entering the next phase. A few simple clicks later, and your candidates know where they stand in your application process and can get started on their next steps.

You can also use bulk messages to engage people who have gone MIA in your talent pipeline. This is a great way to alert ghosted candidates of upcoming hiring events or new, open positions they should consider.


Include Nudges so Candidates Don’t Slip Through the Cracks

Nudges work like (for all my Spider-Man fans out there) your “man in the chair.” They make it easy for you to do all the things and never miss a beat. Now, you can allow the process to work its magic without lying in bed at night, thinking about all the candidates you need to follow up with.

Our intelligent tech will only send a nudge when the first message wasn’t responded to, making sure you’re only reaching out to the people who need another push.

With TA teams dwindling and recruiter workloads skyrocketing, leveraging technology and automation can be an easy way to cultivate your talent pipeline without burning out your recruiters. We help you personalize, optimize, and drive real results with faster and more efficient processes.