Source Great Talent Without Sending 500 DMs on Linkedin

When it comes to finding really great talent, many of us are trying to pull candidates out of thin air!

What if… there was a way to help you fill your pipeline and increase your application numbers so you can ensure you’re hiring the best candidates every time?

Well, with Text-for-Jobs, filling your pipeline just got a whole heck of a lot easier.

Here are a few creative ways our customers have used Text-for-Jobs to find great talent in their high-volume hiring processes.


How Does it Work?

Great question, thanks for asking! Let’s put on our time traveling shoes and head to the past for this analogy…

Text-for-Jobs works like a phone operator. A caller comes in, is given a menu of options to choose from, and is directed to the appropriate channel.


We're sending you back to the future gif


Text-for-Jobs is a shortcode (or a series of numbers, like 876543) that someone can text a keyword to, so they are directed to either a specific job that was listed or all the open job opportunities at your company.


What Do You Do With it?

Sure, having something like this would be cool, but where exactly do you put a “shortcode” into use? We have had a couple of creative customers use Text-for-Jobs in unique ways to skyrocket their lead flow and qualify applicants faster.



One of our customers was looking to fill a lot of open positions and decided to go loud and proud with the news that they were hiring. If you’re looking for a practical solution to filling your pipeline when it comes to high-volume hiring, a billboard could be a great move.

We recommend making a short and snappy graphic with your keyword and shortcode to help passersby learn exactly how to take action.


Text-for-Jobs campaign on a billboard


Posters & Door Signs

Do you have retail locations or a spot with a lot of foot traffic? If so, some old fashioned posters and signs with a simple, clear message can help drive massive amounts of traffic to your funnel.

We recommend making these short and sweet. After all, the idea is to use them as a jumping off point to get people to explore more. With a few simple lines, you can focus mostly on your keyword and your shortcode to direct candidates to your open opportunities. The benefit of Text-for-Jobs is that the message is clear and easy to share!


Business Cards & Other Print Media

Have you ever been at a job fair or an open hiring event? Has it ever felt impossible to talk to every single person that comes up to your booth? By including your shortcode and keyword on your print media, you can give people the option to explore on their own. Without having to personally direct each of them to your website, they can browse open roles and learn more about them with a simple text!

With some basic questions, you can sort candidates to jobs they are most likely to be interested in and score them based on criteria important to your hiring process. Now, it’s easy to capture new leads and get in touch with the right candidates!


Does it Actually Work?

While the labor market is getting tighter and tighter, it’s important to capitalize on your resources to find and engage great candidates! Turns out, with the help of Text-for-Jobs, you can capture 50% more leads and drive up to 20% more applications in the door for some of those hard-to-fill roles.

Ready to give it a try?