New Grayscale Features That Delight

Grayscale is dedicated to providing our customers with simple solutions that improve the hiring experience for recruiters, managers, and candidates. As a result we are pleased to share a peak at some of the recent enhancements to our core platform that makes hiring with Grayscale a breeze!


New Inbox Filters & Controls

Easily sort and filter your inbox by unread and unresponded messages, mark a message as unread, assign additional followers, archive messages, and keep your place when scrolling through candidate conversations. Grayscale tracks when you or another user responds to a candidate conversation and updates accordingly.


Saved Links

Grayscale’s Saved Links feature lets you keep track of static links from third party providers that can be easily included in messages. Track static calendar links, job board or application links, and more.


Improved SMS Template Management

Admins are now able to manage, edit, & delete templates from disabled users templates as well as change the owner of any shared templates from a disabled user.


All-Jobs Controls and Permissions

New permissions to create automations that target “All Jobs” within your ATS are now only available to Admin users – previously created automations are unaffected.


Greenhouse & Lever Automated Reminders

Reduce redundant reminders for interviews on the same day to improve the candidate experience – candidates will receive only 1 text reminder when they have multiple interviews within a 6 hour period.


SAP SuccessFactors New Permissions & Controls

Admins have the ability to choose which SuccessFactors job stages appear in Bulk Messaging and Automations.


Automation Enhancements

Automation Filtering

Quickly filter by status, this will allow users to quickly remove candidates once they are hired or rejected.

Nudges on Automation

Add nudges to automations to further streamline redundant tasks and simplify follow-up.


Upgrade Options

In addition to the enhancements to our core functionality, Grayscale has recently expanded our platform functionality with 2 platform upgrade options that will further simplify your high-volume hiring strategy and improve results. Frictionless self-scheduling and expanded reach through WhatsApp.



This upgrade streamlines the phone-screen and interview scheduling experience by putting the candidate in the driver’s seat. Users can send unique and secure booking links directly to a candidate via SMS or Whatsapp allowing them to book directly on the recruiter or hiring managers integrated calendar. No more back and forth means a better and faster experience.

When coupled with interview reminders you see less no-shows and a faster time to hire.



This upgrade brings a new channel into your hiring strategy – WhatsApp. Users can Whatsapp anyone in any country where WhatsApp is available (excluding: China, North Korea, Syria, Qatar, United Arab Emirates), increasing your reach with 1-to-1 messaging.

Texting is still the most popular channel in the US and Canada but WhatsApp is a popular option in many other countries, leveraging both greatly increases candidate engagement and drives a better candidate experience. Limitations to apply.


Looking to the Future

This is only the beginning of the new and improved Grayscale. We live in a time of unprecedented innovation and growth and we are ecstatic to be on this journey with you!