Amazon Pharmacy Case Study

How Amazon Pharmacy Is Transforming Its Recruitment Process with Grayscale

The Challenge

Zach’s team at Amazon Pharmacy was simply swamped with labor orders, and unequipped to fulfill them. His team wes hiring 150-200 people per month, and thousands of applications were needed to reach that number because of a significant candidate ghosting problem.

“Our hiring process involves an assessment, a background check, a drug test, and plenty more steps where talent would regularly fall off the map.”

- Zach Tucker, Recruiter @ Amazon Pharmacy

Zach’s team’s process of coaxing them along really only involved emailing the prospects through their ATS which would regularly get caught in spam, or calling them from his personal cell phone which opened them up to privacy concerns.

They needed a better way.


The Solution

Zach and his team selected Grayscale to enable a better mode of communication with their talent, and automate the busy work out of their day. They integrated Grayscale into their ATS, and within days they were up and running, texting with their candidates and automating key steps in their hiring process.

In the first couple of months leveraging texting, it was clear to Zach that they were seeing the results they set out to achieve.

“It used to take two recruiters to hire 12 people per training class. Now, I can handle thousands of candidates by myself thanks to Grayscale.”

- Zach Tucker, Recruiter @ Amazon Pharmacy

Bringing it All Together

Amazon Pharmacy set out with the goal of making better use of their recruiter’s times and cutting their candidate ghosting rates, which they accomplished, and then some.

Leveraging a channel like texting, while automating critical communication points in your process, can help deliver a consistent, high touch candidate experience that scales to meet the needs of your business – however they may evolve over the coming months.

If you’re looking to substantially increase the output of your recruiters and eliminate candidate ghosting, we’d love to help.