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Capture Unlimited Candidates

There's no limit to the number of candidates that you can engage with. Once you set it live, it's off to the races, capturing 50% more leads and driving up to 20% more applications in the door for you hard to fill roles.

Engage Candidates 24/7

With Text-for-Jobs, candidates engage with your brand around the clock, even while you're sleeping. Our automated chatbot 'Gracie' acts as your digital recruiter, matching candidates to jobs and coordinating interviews.

Auto-Schedule Interviews with Promising Candidates

Are you seeing a shortage of hard to find candidates like doctors or dental assistants? Set up auto-scheduling for high need areas to fast-track promising candidates directly to a recruiter to discuss opportunities.

Re-engage Candidates that Don't Apply

For each candidate that texts in, we capture name, contact info, and job interests, so even if they don't apply, you have a warm lead to follow up with. Surface promising leads and take bulk action to text with candidates.

And a Few Cherries on Top 🍒

Two-Way Texting

Tap into SMS' monstrous engagement rates. No caps on text usage.

Robust Automations

Automate any cumbersome steps in a candidate journey with Grayscale.

ATS Integrated

Bake Grayscale directly into your ATS - we integrate with all of them.

Bulk Messaging

Engage entire pools of talent, all with one swift action.


Double your candidate flow, let your candidates apply with SMS short-codes.

Drip Campaigns

Don't sweat the follow-up. Let Grayscale nudge your candidates along.

NPS Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse of your candidate & employee NPS scores.

iOS & Android Apps

Access your conversations anywhere with Grayscale's iOS and Android apps.

Chrome Extension

Text your candidates directly within your ATS, using our Extension.

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