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Start hiring in half the time like Chobani.
Chobani Case Study

Email is for the birds, just text them.

Remove the friction from talent interaction with text, and avoid the spam folder.


Message open-rate via Grayscale


Average reply time via Grayscale

Texting Illustration
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Get to the humansteps faster.

Trigger automations, interview reminders & and nudges. Take meaningful steps with talent sooner.


Decrease in your time-to-fill


Increase in your interview sit-rate.

We built it with Greenhouse in mind.

Grayscale pairs nicely with Greenhouse, by design. We sit on top of Greenhouse to be there when you need us, and tucked away when you don't. 🤝

Grayscale + Greenhouse Platform Illustration
Your ATS + Grayscale


Fill your top of funnel via SMS campaigns & text-to-apply.


Text your candidates & automate the journey.


Self-schedule interviews & eliminate ghosting.

Frontline Talent Lifecycle Illustration


Keep new hires engaged leading up to day one.


Automate follow-up tasks to accelerate onboarding.


Use SMS to engage with & listen to frontline workers.

From hire,to retire.

Grayscale Dashboard Illustration

From hire,to retire.

Frontline Hiring Illustration

Accelerate time to hire with texting, automation, self-scheduling & more.

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Cut post-offerghosting & makeonboarding a breeze.

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Improve retention & engagement with bulk texting & drip campaigns.

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