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Shift #1

It's the Biggest Candidate-Driven Market of Our Lifetime

The market has never been this competitive from the hiring manager's perspective. It’s more difficult than ever to find, engage, and guarantee top talent.

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Recruiter Bandwidth Graphic

Shift #2

Recruiter Bandwidth is at an All Time Low

Talent acquisition teams are stretched thinner than they've ever been, while their req loads keep growing. Now more than ever, you need the best tools to do your job.

Shift #3

We’re in the Relationship Age

As consumers, we buy from brands we have a relationship with and treat us well. Same goes for candidates. The teams with the best tools to build those relationships will come out ahead 9 times out of 10.

Relationship Age Graphic

Candidate Experience Webinars

[Webinar] How DoorDash Delivers a High-Touch Candidate Experience at Scale
[Webinar] Create a Frictionless Hiring Process for the Great Bounce Back
[Webinar] How Amazon Pharmacy Automates a High-Touch Candidate Experience

Is Grayscale the Solution to These Hiring Shifts?

We like to think so. Grayscale leverages the most effective medium for communication, pairs that it with the most powerful automation suite in the hiring world, and bakes all that directly into your ATS. 🌺

Get a Demo of Grayscale

We can help cultivate a positive candidate experience.

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Leverage Texting, a Better Medium

Remove the friction from candidate / recruiter interaction with text. Leave email in the past. 🌺

Open Rate

Reply Rate

Reply Time

SMS Engagement Statistics
SMS Illustration
Automated Message Examples

Get to the Human
Steps Faster

Leverage automations to start taking meaningful steps with your candidates faster, without replacing the human elements. 💐

34% Reduction in Time to Fill
51% Less Candidate Ghosting
12 Hours Saved per Open Role

Connect It with the Tools You Love

You don't need to replace the software you already know. Grayscale connects to what you already use - syncing candidate data seamlessly. 🤝

Platform Illustration
Your ATS + Grayscale

And a Few Cherries on Top 🍒

Two-Way Texting

Tap into SMS' monstrous engagement rates. No caps on text usage.

Robust Automations

Automate any cumbersome steps in a candidate journey with Grayscale.

ATS Integrated

Bake Grayscale directly into your ATS - we integrate with all of them.

Bulk Messaging

Engage entire pools of talent, all with one swift action.


Double your candidate flow, let your candidates apply with SMS short-codes.

Drip Campaigns

Don't sweat the follow-up. Let Grayscale nudge your candidates along.

NPS Surveys

Keep your finger on the pulse of your candidate & employee NPS scores.

iOS & Android Apps

Access your conversations anywhere with Grayscale's iOS and Android apps.

Chrome Extension

Text your candidates directly within your ATS, using our Extension.

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