The Inside Scoop on Scheduling

Companies operating in frontline industries, such as nursing, retail, ecommerce, and manufacturing (just to name a few), are facing an ever-increasing demand for high volume hourly hiring.

Low unemployment rates, high turnover rates, skills gaps, inflexible schedules, poor candidate experience, and more only exacerbate the problem.

With a large number of job openings and a limited pool of qualified candidates, it’s essential to have a well-planned hiring strategy in place. One that focuses on reducing complexity and improving the candidate experience.


Build a Winning High-Volume Hiring Strategy

Today’s HR and hiring tech market is inundated with a glut of tech promising the world.

It is all too easy for a tech stack to become bloated with multiple single-function tools and implementations. As a general rule it is better to implement multi-faceted solutions that solve multiple problems in as simple a way as possible.

That seems to imply that the best route to success is an all-in-one style solution. But all-in-one solutions over promise and under deliver as they are often clunky, requiring additional headcount to manage long-term, and expensive!

You need the happy middle ground.

You need a tech stack of a handful of multi-faceted tools that integrate well and work together to provide the frictionless hiring experience candidates crave while also streamlining the recruiter and hiring manager experience.

That experience cannot be delivered solely through automation and AI, humans know when they are talking to a robot and basic chatbots can disenfranchise many viable candidates.

At the bottom line these are a few key components HR and TA leaders should ensure they have baked into the candidate experience strategy.

Email is a necessary evil, everyone has at least one but very few check in on the personal inbox – for me it’s been at least a week! Despite this it should still be a part of your strategy but we would argue it shouldn’t be your primary channel of communication, texting should be.

Texting is an easy win, bringing the hiring process to the candidates finger tips, literally. If you aren’t leveraging the texting channel you are missing out on talent – end of story.

When texting is coupled with seamless interview scheduling, TA teams and hiring managers are better able to fill reqs with the right talent, faster than ever before.

When you have a large number of job openings to fill, you need to move fast to avoid losing candidates to your competitors. Interview scheduling software helps you streamline a historical painful process and schedule interviews quickly and efficiently, reducing your time-to-hire and allowing you to onboard new hires faster.

The best style of scheduling solutions are those that put the candidate in the metaphorical drivers seat with self-scheduling.


Why Self-scheduling?

Interview scheduling is the process of setting up a time and date for a job interview with a candidate. It may seem like a simple task, but it can quickly become a bottleneck in the hiring process, especially in industries with high turnover rates and a constant need for new hires.

You can’t just send out a generic booking link in an email, or even a text, you need a solution that delivers a secure and unique way for a specific candidate to schedule their phone screen, interview, or first day.

Booking needs to be secure in that it needs to be aligned to your timeline and stage requirements – a generic link can be shared around and anyone could book time which could result in a lot of spam events taking up time on calendars.

Candidates have high expectations when it comes to the hiring process – and you should too. They expect a smooth and efficient process that respects their time and provides them with a positive experience. Interview scheduling software can help you achieve this by providing candidates with a user-friendly interface that allows them to select interview slots that work for them.

Scheduling interviews manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. You need a solution that sends a secure unique link to a candidate to book the right kind of interview on the right calendar at a time that works for both the candidate and the interviewer.

Grayscale is dedicated to providing simple, intuitive solutions for TA teams and hiring managers. We understand that to win talent in today’s market you must provide a frictionless hiring experience.



Scheduling from Grayscale is a platform upgrade that integrates your recruiter and hiring manager calendars to provide candidate’s the ability to self-schedule phone screens, interviews, and more based on your parameters. All this is baked into your favorite high-volume hiring texting solution.



It’s essential to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. When you combine interview scheduling software with texting and automation / AI you improve show-rates and keep your candidates engaged by sending automated reminders, keeping them informed about the status of their application and the next steps in the hiring process.

In conclusion you need a solution that combines texting, automation, and self-scheduling to ultimately reduce time-to-hire, improve your candidate experience and engagement, and increase efficiency.

What are you waiting for?