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Grayscale Raises $3.25m to Help Make High Volume Hiring More Human

We’re thrilled to announce that Grayscale has raised a $3.25M Seed round. This is a big milestone for the company -- and we can’t wait to put the funds to good use in supporting our amazing customers.

Over the past year, Grayscale has grown by 425%, helping hundreds of growing businesses like Amazon, Wayfair, Peloton and DoorDash streamline their high volume hiring – creating greater transparency in the hiring process and delivering a best-in-class candidate experience. Our customers have created a more human-centric hiring process for nearly 2M candidates to date – and we’re just getting started.

This round was led by Atlanta Ventures, and we couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. David Cummings, Jon Birdsong, and the team have helped support Grayscale from the beginning, from offering me an extra desk when I was starting out, to introducing me to my co-founder, Hubert Liu, who was previously on staff with Atlanta Ventures. Trust is built over time, and we couldn't have found better value-aligned partners to support us on this journey.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce investment from Rob Forman and Kyle Porter (SalesLoft co-founders), and Edwin Marcial (former CTO at Intercontinential Exchange).

We plan on utilizing this capital in the following ways:

  • Continue to build out our amazing team (We’re hiring in Engineering, Sales, and Customer Success!)
  • Accelerate our pace of shipping new functionality to better support high-volume recruiting for global talent acquisition teams
  • Deploy new integrations with leading applicant tracking systems to support our growing customer base

Grayscale’s mission is to help make the hiring process more human. Interested in joining us on the journey? Check out our career site for a full list of open positions.

Onward and upward,

Ty Abernethy
CEO & Co-founder

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Candidate Ghosting: What Is It and How Can You Avoid It?

Ghosting - a phenomenon that is widely popular in the dating world - has unfortunately made its way to the recruiting world.

As a recruiter, have you ever been through a whole recruitment process, interviewed your top candidate, and even sent out your offer letter, only to be met with silence from the candidate's side? It was as if the candidate vanished into thin air without so much as a second glance? If yes, then unfortunately you have been ghosted! 👻

Employers all over the world are noticing this emerging trend especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As per a survey conducted by Indeed, 77% of employers accepted the fact that they have been ghosted by jobseekers between March 2020 and February 2021.

So, why do jobseekers ghost employers, and what can you do to avoid candidate ghosting in your organization?


Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Presently, unemployment is at a historically low rate in many countries, while the demand for skilled and qualified candidates is on a rise. Today, candidates hold more power in the recruiting process than they have ever before. Skilled and talented job seekers are no longer afraid to walk away from organizations that don't align with their expectations and goals.

A report by LinkedIn revealed that almost 95% of employers have been ghosted by prospective employees and as high as 40% of candidates believe that it is perfectly acceptable to ghost an employer.

Let's look at some of the biggest reasons why prospective employees are dropping their employers and refusing to respond to their messages:


You Don’t Communicate Properly or Take Too Long to Respond

One of the biggest reasons why candidates ghost recruiters is slow communication. Most job seekers apply to multiple positions simultaneously and thus, it is important to respond to quality candidates within 24 to 48 hours of receiving their application. If you take too long to respond, chances are some other organization will grab their attention and your messages will be met with nothing but silence.


You Have a Lengthy and Unstructured Hiring Process

Your recruiting processes play a huge role in deciding the applicant's interest in your company. If you have a lengthy and unstructured hiring process, they will likely lose interest in your company.

Most talented candidates receive multiple competitive and lucrative job offers and they are usually off the job market within an average of 10 days. So they don't have the patience to go through a longer and extensive recruiting process when they already have multiple offers and interview calls on their hands.


Personal Reasons

Sometimes candidates don't intentionally ghost their employers but an emergency or some personal reason makes them do so. Recruiters often face situations where at the last moment, candidates don't show up for the interview or fail to report on their first day after accepting the offer letter.

This can happen because of various reasons. Maybe they got stuck in an emergency or their loved one fell sick or maybe they had other justified reasons for not showing up for failing to respond to you.

As an employer, it is extremely important to be empathetic and give job applicants the benefit of doubt and keep the channel of communication open.


How to Effectively Combat Candidate Ghosting

Candidate ghosting can happen to any recruiter and it is almost impossible to avoid it completely. You will encounter at least a few candidates who will ghost you even if you do everything right. However, enhancing your approach and making some innovative changes in your recruiting tactics can help you greatly minimize and limit this problem.

Here are some of the tricks that you can use to effectively combat candidate ghosting:


Make Texts Your Best Friend

Just like in every other aspect of your work and life, communication is the key to effectively deal with candidate ghosting. Keeping candidates in the loop about the timelines of your recruiting process and being honest with them about your expectations can reduce the chances of them ghosting you. And the best way to do this is by leveraging SMS.

Text is a phenomenal medium. Over two thirds of job seekers say that it is perfectly acceptable for organizations to contact them through SMS. Moreover, texts have a significantly higher chance of being read and engaged with than email or phone.


Speed up Your Responses

Speeding up your responses is also a wonderful way to minimize candidate ghosting. 46% of candidates start losing interest in a company within a week of no contact. It's vital that you respond to your top candidates as quickly as possible. Preferably, within 24 hours.

Enlisting the help of a candidate engagement platform like Grayscale can help you easily automate communication at mass, or seriously aid in manual communication using Grayscale templates.


Automation for the Win!

Leverage technology wherever possible in your recruitment process. Automating away the grunt work can help you focus on more high-level tasks, improve the candidates' experience during recruitment, and ultimately minimize the chances of them ghosting you.

Grayscale enables automation at every step of the hiring process. Send intro texts when candidates apply, use our nudge feature to automatically remind candidates of uncompleted steps, automate scheduling via our Calendly integration, and send automatic interview reminders to increase your interview sit-rate.

Then after the fact, keep a pulse on candidate NPS scores with automatic surveys.


Do Timely Follow-Ups

To effectively deal with candidate ghosting, give candidates the benefit of doubt for not responding to you. It's important to be compassionate and kind towards all your candidates and keep the lines of communication totally open.

If you don't hear back from candidates, don't hesitate to send a follow-up text. This is an effective way to let the candidates know that you are still on board with the hiring and are not planning to ghost them. This in turn will ensure that they won't ghost you as well. Automate this step using Grayscale nudges.


Maintain Transparency and Give Candidates an “Exit” Option

Maintaining transparency and being totally honest about the terms of the recruitment process, your expectations, and other factors goes a long way in helping you avoid candidate ghosting.

Another great practice is to provide an "exit" option to the candidates yourself. For example, you text candidates something like, "If we don’t receive a reply to this message by the end of this week, we will assume that you are not interested in the position." Doing this will help you avoid any confusing situations and stop candidate ghosting even before it gets a chance to appear.


Summing Up

Candidate ghosting is an emerging problem that is affecting recruiters all over the world. Although it is not possible to escape from completely, having an effective communication process, leveraging technology, and being compassionate and authentic with job seekers can go a long way in helping you combat candidate ghosting.

We, at Grayscale, have largely conquered the issue. Grayscale is designed to make hiring easier at every step. We leverage the most effective medium for communication and pair it with the most powerful automation suite in the talent acquisition world, and bake that all directly into your ATS.

If you're struggling with candidate ghosting, we'd love to help. ❤️



[Webinar] How to Eliminate Candidate Ghosting for Good


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How Leading Companies Drive Candidate and Employee Engagement Using Text Recruiting Platform Grayscale

How Leading Companies Drive Candidate and Employee Engagement with Grayscale

When business plans are in flux, it can be extremely easy for communication to break down between key stakeholders: from candidates to furloughed employees, to current staff and hiring managers. It’s now more critical than ever to prioritize a structured process and lean into clear, effective communication.

Let’s explore how Greenhouse customers across different industries are tweaking their candidate and employee engagement strategies to address challenges that may arise during a shifting economy.


How Centria Healthcare Is Addressing Their Acute Hiring Needs

Whether you’re experiencing an uptick in applicants or a slowdown in hiring, it never hurts to be prepared. For Centria Healthcare, an in-home healthcare company operating across 10 states, the pandemic has brought with it an urgent need to recruit critical field staff.

Many of Centria’s clients are challenged with conditions like respiratory failure, so it’s paramount that the team is able to keep clients out of the hospital during this time; not only for their own safety, but to keep hospital beds free for an influx of new patients.

Brandon DuBois, Centria’s Director of Operations and Healthcare Recruiting, feels it is extremely important to keep an active and engaged candidate pool during this period, and he sees texting as an ideal channel to do so.

"We’re utilizing the ability to text at all hours of the day to follow up with our recruited and onboarding staff for interviewing and documentation status. We wouldn’t be able to keep up with our current pipeline and interview volume, not to mention the onboarding of new hires, without text messaging."

Lesson learned from Centria Healthcare: When your business is hiring rapidly, moving with agility is key.

If your business is facing acute hiring needs, a texting and automation tool can help your team address these challenges in stride.


How Eyecare Partners Is Managing Communication with Candidates and Employees

These are uncertain times – and if you’ve recently found yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to pause hiring or furlough employees, you know what a tough decision that is.

EyeCare Partners, a Greenhouse customer with nearly 500 retail eye care locations, put all of their 100+ open roles on hold the minute their retail locations were unable to operate amid the pandemic.

Their Director of Talent Acquisition, Kirby Cole, was determined to keep a warm pipeline of talent, despite not having any open positions. This would allow them to move quickly, as soon as their retail locations start to open back up.

“We want to keep our talent warm, engaged and ready to go as soon as we can start hiring again. We found texting to be the ideal channel to nurture relationships with candidates and keep them up to speed during this season.”

Kirby also found texting to be the best method for giving real-time updates for their staff.

“We’re communicating with our staff via SMS, keeping them updated and informed so everyone is in the loop and key communication isn’t overlooked.”

Here are some best practices Kirby recommends keeping in mind when leveraging texting as a candidate and employee communication channel:

  • Candidates are experiencing a lot of uncertainty, so make sure you clearly communicate what you know and what you don't.
  • Set expectations and communicate updates as often as possible.
  • Open up a line of communication for candidates and employees to text your team directly with questions.
  • Use this time to highlight your employment brand, company mission and values.

If you’re currently experiencing a hiring slowdown, once things get cranking again, you’ll want your candidates to be ready to go – updated, engaged and excited to get to work immediately. Texting is an ideal channel for keeping in touch with existing staff and keeping candidates ready to go at a moment's notice.


How Upwork Is Doubling Down on Candidate Experience

Companies like online talent solution company Upwork are currently doubling down on their candidate experience, providing them a huge competitive advantage in-market.

Dan Collins, Upwork’s Director of Talent Acquisition, implemented texting with the goal of positively impacting candidate survey scores and reducing time-to-fill.

Dan and his team have automated much of their communication to create a high-touch experience throughout their process, whether a candidate is selected to move forward or not.

"We were looking to automate our communication to candidates and hiring managers as much as possible, while keeping the recruiter in the driver seat."

The recent global pandemic has only increased Upwork’s use of texting, as they find new and creative ways to engage their talent, keep candidates warm and automate more of their process. In the first 30 days of adding texting to their strategies, it was clear to Dan that they were seeing the results they set out to achieve.

“We have already positively impacted candidate survey scores on our process and time-to-hire metrics. Adding Grayscale to our toolbox has been the best investment of the last 12 months.”

Using a channel like texting and automating critical communication points in your hiring process, helps deliver a consistent, high-touch candidate experience that scales to meet the needs of your business – however those needs may evolve over time.


Start Texting Within Greenhouse

These are challenging times and recruiters need the right set of tools to effectively navigate them. Using a conversational recruiting platform like Grayscale makes it easy for recruiters to engage candidates, automate workflows and deliver a high-touch candidate experience, directly from within Greenhouse.

While the use of channels like texting will become increasingly important over the coming months, don’t get overwhelmed and feel like you need to make sweeping changes to your process. Start small by looking for the most value-add use cases for texting at this moment.

For Greenhouse customers whose hiring has been impacted by COVID-19, Grayscale is offering a 20% discount on its texting and automation platform to help you keep your candidates warm and your furloughed employees up to speed.


Originally posted to Greenhouse.io

Three Benefits of Utilizing Text to Engage Candidates and Employees

Three Benefits of Utilizing Text to Engage Candidates and Employees

Chances are you’ve heard a lot of buzz recently about texting. And with the recent hiring slowdown, texting is becoming even more of a necessity for talent acquisition teams.

Many talent acquisition leaders are taking this time to adjust their strategy and tech stacks to better align with their evolving business needs — prioritizing solutions that allow for real-time candidate and employee engagement, along with intelligent automation to eliminate friction throughout the process. Let’s be honest — for many, resources are tighter.

In this article, we’ll explore some simple, effective ways to leverage texting to keep your candidates and furloughed employees engaged during this slowdown, while preparing yourself for the likely hiring uptick in the months to come.


Why Texting Is a Must-Have in the Post COVID-19 World

There was a day in the not-too-distant past where texting candidates was off-limits for recruiters. Conventional wisdom said texting was a personal communication channel and too invasive to be leveraged by recruiters.

But that day has come and gone.

In today’s climate, recruiters are leveraging texting to engage candidates and furloughed employees in real-time, ensuring nothing and no one falls through the cracks.

Cell phone usage is up 53% from this time last year. We as a society aren’t living in email right now — we’re inside our homes, tethered to our phones and new forms for communication are able to cut through the noise. Texting engages people in a new way and enabling individuals to get all their critical information easily in this uncertain time.

Another benefit to texting? Candidates respond to emails only about 2% of the time, while text messages get, on average, a 37% response rate. That’s an 18x increase, which can make a huge difference when you’re dealing with critical communication.

At Grayscale, we’ve actually seen a spike in engagement across our customer base in recent weeks, with the average candidate response rate spiking to nearly 50%.

‍Breanne Ness, VP of Learning & Development at Transwest, who uses Grayscale in conjunction with Lever, describes the impact texting has had on her process this way:

“Response time for candidates is so much better when we can reach out via text message. If we emailed or left a voicemail, it would often take until the next day before we’d get a response. With texting, it’s within a few hours.”

Today Breanne’s team sees an average response time of less than 35 minutes for their messages.

Over time, these types of stats can have a huge impact on a business: Faster turnaround time, quicker interviewing, and real-time engagement to drive things forward.


The Benefits of Texting Candidates (And Employees) In the Current Climate

Texting is being utilized to solve many challenges recruiters are faced with currently. Below are some examples that may apply to your business.


Keep Top Candidates Warm and Ready to Go

Most companies are currently struggling to keep their top candidates warm and engaged while they wait for the “storm” to blow over.

It’s critical during this time to keep your best candidates, including candidates that were interviewing before things paused, as updated and engaged as you possibly can — otherwise, you’ll find yourself starting from scratch again when hiring begins again.

At Grayscale, we’ve seen the number of texts sent per company on the rise post COVID-19, mainly because recruiters are working hard to keep candidates updated and informed in real-time as they get new information. This can be a great opportunity to build relationships with critical talent.

Setting up a texting drip campaign can be a great way to scale this type of high touch experience for candidates. This is a good time to weave in content that highlights and reinforces your company culture as well, so look for creative ways to incorporate video clips, and links to relevant articles and press into your campaigns.


Engage Furloughed Employees to Keep Them up to Speed

Many of you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to furlough employees. It’s a tough decision that many companies are faced with currently, and if you find yourself in this camp — we get how painful this move probably was.

You want to do right by these employees, and you want to get them back to work as soon as you possibly can.

Poor communication will send the exact wrong message to these employees — at best, it will look sloppy, and at worst, it will make employees feel expendable and unappreciated.

Some things to keep in mind while communicating with furloughed employees:

  • They are experiencing a lot of uncertainty, so make sure you communicate clearly what you know and what you don’t.
  • They want to be reassured, and not misled.
  • Make sure to properly set expectations and empathize with their situation.
  • Once things get cranking again, you want your furloughed employees to be ready to go — updated, engaged, and excited to start immediately. Texting is an ideal channel to keep in touch and quickly get the word out to employees with updates.


Automate Communication to Handle an Influx of Applications

When the pandemic subsides and life starts to get back to the “new normal”, 2 things will have changed: Unemployment is projected to be higher than we’ve seen thus far in our lifetimes (some estimates say as high as 20%), and most businesses will be forced to staff up quickly simply to service the basic needs of their customers. Talent acquisition teams will be forced to rely on either brute force or automation to help alleviate some of this hiring burden.

Leveraging a tool like Grayscale that can automate communication, while keeping the recruiter in the driver seat throughout, can help address this challenge head on.

For example, what if communicating with candidates was as simple as changing a candidate’s stage in Lever to trigger all relevant communication and to set up next steps?

If you moved a candidate to the “Phone Screen” stage in Lever, you could set it up to automatically send out a text to schedule an interview. For the “Offer” stage, you could trigger a text message notifying the candidate to expect an offer letter via email.

One Lever customer, McAdam Financial, automates communication throughout their hiring process, saving their team hours each week. Recruiting coordinator, Zoya Naseem, describes it this way:

“I leverage Grayscale’s automation functionality to trigger a text to go out when candidates are at various stages in our process — from interview setup, to offer, all the way through to their first day in the office. This cuts time spent manually communicating with candidates, and our response rate is between 80-85%, which is amazing!”

Another Lever customer, North Star Bluescope Steel, leverages scheduled text reminders to help reduce interview no-shows. Senior recruiter, Kristen Neubert, shares her experience:

“I used to send candidates a reminder email of their upcoming interview. Most times I never received a response back, either confirming or canceling their appointment. Now we send candidates a quick text reminding them of the appointment and we get an instant response back. Our no-show rate has significantly decreased as a result.”

If candidates can’t make the interview, they’ll simply text you back to reschedule. And if they found a job already, you’ll know it sooner so you’re not wasting anyone’s time.

These types of automated communication points ensure that no one falls through the cracks, while preventing your essential emails from going overlooked, guaranteeing you the fastest turnaround time possible.

It’s measures like these that will ensure you maintain the best possible candidate experience during this time, so you’re set up for success when things pick back up again.


Get Started Texting in Lever

These are unprecedented times, and recruiters need the right set of tools to effectively navigate them. Leveraging channels like texting will become increasingly important over the coming months, but don’t get overwhelmed feeling like you need to make sweeping changes to your process. Find the most value-add use cases for texting at this moment and start small.

For Lever customers being impacted by COVID-19, we’re offering a 20% discount on Grayscale’s texting and automation platform to help you keep your candidates warm and furloughed employees up to speed. We have helpful resources and templates ready to go when you sign up to help your team ramp up quickly.


Originally posted to Lever.com

Text-for-Jobs Featured Image

Learn Why Grayscale is a Compelling Alternative to TextRecruit

Searching for a TextRecruit alternative? See how Grayscale stacks up.

We know you want to find the best messaging capabilities for your team, so we created this overview of Grayscale's key features to show you why our product is a compelling alternative to TextRecruit.


Grayscale bakes texting right into your ATS

Texting is the way we all communicate in our daily lives, and it's time we start using this powerful channel to engage with talent. But when it's not baked into your ATS, it can be a terrible recruiter experience.

Let's take a quick look at Grayscale's core texting functionality and how it compares to TextRecruit.


Texting with Candidates

With Grayscale's Chrome extension, you can text candidates directly from within your ATS. As you navigate between candidate profiles, the extension automatically updates to show you the current candidate's conversation history.


Dedicated, Local Phone Numbers

Each member of your team will have a dedicated, local number for the market they recruit in. This is important, because local numbers boost response rates. You'll be able to pick your area code during onboarding.


Bulk Text Messaging

With Grayscale, you can send personalized text messages in bulk. Select a list or upload a CSV file, craft one message, and off you go.

The candidate will receive a text that's personalized and individual (they won't be on a group with others).


Scheduled Messages

Want to send a text in the future? No problem. Pick a date and time to have your message delivered. This ensures the candidate gets your message at the right time, maximizing your response rates.


Unlimited Texting

Unlike other products, Grayscale has no limit on the number of text messages you can send through the platform. So you and your team can start texting and never look back. 🏃


No Character Limit

Don't you hate when pesky character limits prevent you from sending the text you want? Yeah, us to. 😅 That's why Grayscale doesn't limit the number of characters for your text.


One Consolidated View

How annoying is it to get a candidate all the way to the end of your process, just to realize they're also in process for another job at your company. 😱

We designed Grayscale so recruiters can easily see if a candidate is being engaged with another member of the team.

We consolidate all texts into one thread, with your messages in blue and your colleagues in green, to help quickly surface duplicative efforts.


Text On-the-Go

Need to take the conversation on the go? Receive notifications and text from your mobile device so you don't miss a beat. Everything is recorded and organized within the candidate profile.


Grayscale drives more candidates to your jobs with Text-for-Jobs

Looking for ways to drive more pre-qualified candidates to your jobs?

With Text-for-Jobs, candidates can text inbound to search open jobs, get pre-screened for opportunities, and get routed to the most appropriate place.

You can advertise your Text-for-Jobs campaigns on social media, at store locations, hiring events, on campus -- the possibilities are endless. Candidates text a keyword (e.g. "JOBS") to a short code number (e.g. 87943) to chat about openings.

This entire experience is automated and works for you 24/7, engaging candidates and driving qualified candidates to your jobs.

When Follett rolled out Text-for-Jobs, they immediately saw a 40% increase in the number of qualified interviews scheduled for their jobs.

If you're looking to drive more pre-qualified candidates inbound, Text-for-Jobs could help.


Grayscale helps you convert more career site traffic with Gracie

If you're like most talent acquisition teams, you're spending a lot of money to drive eyeballs to your jobs.

What if you could convert 5-20% more of that traffic to leads and applicants? That could result in hundreds of new candidates for your jobs.

Gracie is your team's virtual recruiter, greeting candidates on your career site and working for you 24/7.

With Gracie on your career site, you'll have the following capabilities:

  • Job Search & Apply: to match candidates to the right job opportunity with your company and make it seamless to apply
  • Sourcing: help you feed your talent funnel with pre-qualified candidates
  • Pre-screen Candidates: to intelligently screen candidates for open jobs
  • Answer Candidate FAQs: help candidates get their questions answered in real time, 24/7

Gracie can be rebranded to represent your company and culture, and her workflows are highly customizable to meet your specific needs.


See how we compare to TextRecruit's pricing

Have you received a quote from TextRecruit and want to see how we compare?

Grayscale's pricing is based on number of seats you'll need. You can start with a few seats and ramp it up once you're seeing the value.

Want to see how our pricing compares to TextRecruit? Schedule a demo and we'll give you a custom quote on our call.

Greenhouse Featured Image

Grayscale Powers Texting for Greenhouse

We were recently hiring for an Account Executive. I emailed a promising candidate that had applied, but she never responded.

I was like 🤷

So I texting her. And 10 minutes later we had a time set up to connect. She had missed my email in her "crazy inbox."

Which got me thinking - how much time are we wasting as recruiters, sending out email after email and waiting to hear back?

Hiring is all about speed, right?

Candidates open 99% of text messages and respond within an hour (versus 18% for emails, and nearly a 24 hr response time).

It's time we start texting with candidates - but in a way that's seamlessly integrated the ATS and trackable for organization and compliance.

That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with Greenhouse, so you can leverage the power of texting, baked directly into Greenhouse.


Grayscale Bakes Texting Directly into Greenhouse

We designed our texting platform with Greenhouse in mind, so you can:

  • Text with candidates anywhere inside Greenhouse
  • Automatically update candidate’s Activity Feed with messages sent/received
  • Send both 1:1 and bulk texts to candidates
  • Text on-the-go with our handy mobile app

And if you’re looking to supercharge your texting capabilities, we also offer automated candidate screening, a chatbot that integrates with your Greenhouse career site, and a calendar integration for scheduling.


Let's Check Out the Integration in Action 🏃

Grayscale integrates our texting capabilities with Greenhouse in a few key ways.

First, we have a Chrome extension that allows you to text candidates and see the full conversation history directly from within the candidate profile.

If you navigate to another profile, you'll immediately see that specific candidate's texting history.

And if your colleague has been texting with the candidate? You'll see that too, all in one consolidated view.


Now if you're like me, the Activity Feed in Greenhouse is your record of truth for all candidate communication.

With this integration, you'll see the full texting conversation organized within a single note inside the Activity Feed. This ensures you can quickly see the last communication so you never miss a beat. 💪


Activate Your Greenhouse Integration Today 🤗

The integration takes about 5-minutes to set up, so you can start texting candidates in no time.

To get started, simply visit our Greenhouse Marketplace page and click 'FAQs' for step-by-step instructions.

Retail Hiring Automation Featured Image

How Retailers like Follett Leverage Automation to Create a High Touch Candidate Experience

I'm a contacts guy - never had the urge to wear glasses.

But something changed recently. I'm not sure why, but I've had a strong desire to buy my first pair of eyeglasses.

I mean, who doesn't want to look smart and sophisticated in a hip pair of frames? 🤓

So I went with a friend and his sister to our neighborhood Warby Parker store.

We tried on a bunch of glasses and finally I landed on a pair I loved - eloquently dubbed 'Percey'. I mean, who comes up with these wonderfully hip names?

While we were there, my friend's sister - we'll call her Sarah - made a comment about how much fun it would be to work at Warby Parker. She was about to graduate from college and was working at a restaurant and trying to figure out what was next.

Then we left and I went home to show off my new frames to my wife.

I saw Sarah a few months later and asked if she ever applied with Warby Parker. She hadn't, but she had recently started an entry level sales role for an insurance company, which came from a warm referral from a friend.

Which got me thinking - when it comes to recruiting, how many potential candidates are we missing due to timing, noise, distraction, and/or just bad luck?

A modern recruiting strategy requires that you engage with potential candidates at the moment you have their attention - or risk losing them forever.

And that's where thoughtful automation comes in.


Automation Can Help Reimagine Your Candidate Experience

Automation gets a bad wrap. We've all experienced automation gone wrong -- where someone has carelessly pulled together an automated workflow that does nothing but benefit them.

It sucks if you're on the other end of that.

But thoughtful automation is something completely different. It requires deeply understanding the experience from a candidate's perspective.

At the end of the day, automation only works if both sides benefit.

Let's look at what a few innovative companies are doing to reimagine their candidate experience with the help of thoughtful automation.

Give Candidates the Ability to Chat About Jobs While at Your Store Locations

Let's go back to the comment Sarah made while shopping at Warby Parker.

What if, while Sarah was shopping with Warby Parker, she could have easily chat about job opportunities and schedule time with a recruiter?

What if she saw a sign by the front door or the counter that said, "Interested in exploring careers at Warby Parker? Text JOBS to 89743 to chat with us about openings."

Sarah could have been matched to jobs, had her questions answered, and if she was qualified for an opening, scheduled time with a recruiter to discuss the role further, all while shopping for frames at the store.

That's exactly what retail brands like Follett and EyeCare Partners are doing -- making it easy for candidates to get matched to open jobs and text with a recruiter while they're at their stores/clinics.

And while this greatly improves the candidate experience, it also drives nearly 60% more traffic to jobs and increases the number of qualified candidates by 20%.

Allow Candidates to Get Matched to Jobs, Pre-qualified, and Automatically Scheduled with a Recruiter - Directly From Your Career Site

As a recruiting leader, you're spending lots of money driving eyeballs to your job postings, career site, and social media pages.

What if by improving the candidate experience, you could convert up to 25% more traffic on your career site into qualified leads and applicants?

73% of the workforce is passive candidates and they aren't coming to your career site to apply -- they're in research mode, trying to better understand your company and culture and checking out the types of roles you hire for.

Sarah actually went to Warby Parker's career site after we visited the store. But she had a bunch of questions and was overwhelmed, so she did nothing.

Passive candidates like Sarah aren't applying for your jobs. But it doesn't mean they aren't interested.

They will gladly engage in a conversation. And that's where a candidate-centric chatbot can come in handy.

Chatbots allow you to engage with candidates and drive more leads inbound through the power of conversation.

With a chatbot on Warby Parker's career site, Sarah could have:

  • Been quickly matched to job openings that were relevant for her
  • Gotten pre-screened for an opening on the spot
  • She could have scheduled time directly with a recruiter if she was a good fit
  • And if she had general questions about the company, culture, or process, should could have asked and gotten immediate answers

Putting candidates in the driver seat, allowing them to action on their own timeline, when and where it's convenient for them, can have a profound impact on the candidate experience.


Nurture and Engage Candidates via Text Message

Pause and think about the current state of your personal email inbox. Or your LinkedIn inbox for that matter.

If you're anything like me, you're getting a ridiculous amount of noise and spam and you check these channels relatively infrequently (a few times a week at best).

I regularly miss messages from friends across both channels.

But a text message? I'll see it in under 5 minutes and respond within the hour.

Your candidates are the same way.

Personal email and LinkedIn response rates are on the decline. Open rates hover around 20%.

But with channels like text message, 98% of your messages are opened, and they are responded to within the hour.

That's why we built Grayscale as a messaging-first candidate engagement tool--so you can engage and nurture talent the way they want to connect, which allows you to build stronger relationships, boost response rates, and move the process forward faster.

And you can easily respond to candidate messages and make proactive outreach directly from within your ATS, so you won't miss a beat.

Give candidate what they want - real time engagement on the channels they use every day.


Give All Candidates a Consistent, Thoughtful Candidate Experience

The worst thing as a candidate is to get the silent treatment from a company you're excited to work for. You spend all this time applying for a job and never hear back.

Or you interview with the company and patiently wait for feedback. But all you get is crickets.

What a terrible, disheartening experience! No wonder we all hate searching for a job.

Leveraging thoughtful automation helps ensure everyone has a great experience, regardless of whether they're a fit for your company or not.

The crazy thing is this -- by treating people with the dignity and respect they deserve, and by focusing on optimizing your process for their benefit, you deliver uncanny results for your hiring process.

You start attracting and converting more candidates. You have to do less selling. Glassdoor ratings go up. It's a virtuous cycle that helps drive down your time-to-fill.

Join us in creating high touch candidate experiences and humanizing the hiring process for all.

Text-for-Jobs Featured Image

Introducing Text-for-Jobs: The Easiest Way to Double Your Flow of Qualified Candidates

Want to engage with passive candidates coming from your clinics or store locations? Now you can with Text-for-Jobs campaigns.

Imagine someone visits your clinic or store location and has a great experience.

Not hard to do, right?

Now imagine that same person is wondering if you're hiring. What are the chances they go to your career site and apply?

Close to zero.

That's why we created Text-for-Jobs campaigns -- to enable candidates to seamless find relevant jobs form them the moment they have a great experience with your brand.

Simply text a keyword (e.g. 'JOBS') to a phone number (e.g. 89743) to get matched to relevant jobs and even connect with a recruiter if they're qualified.

These campaigns are very flexible and easy to set up for your brand.

Let's break down the 4 elements of a Text-for-Jobs campaign to show how flexible and impactful they can actually be.


1. The greeting 👋

When candidates text in, they will be automatically greeted with a warm welcome that is on brand with your company.


2. Matching candidates to open jobs

Candidates answer a few questions to see a list of open positions from your career site. Without integration required, we can serve up links to relevant job postings for the candidate to review, all without having to make the candidate navigate to your career site.


3. Screening & scoring

You can add screening questions to your campaign and score candidates based on their responses. This ensures candidates are routed to the most productive place, which brings us to our final point...


4. Intelligently routing candidates

Once candidates answer your questions and their responses scored, you can automatically perform the following actions:

  • Direct them to a link to apply for the job
  • Allow the candidate to immediately schedule time with a recruiter or hiring manager
  • Tee up a conversation in your inbox that you can reply to at your convenience
  • Encourage candidates to sign up for your talent community
  • Politely disposition candidates that aren't qualified

Any and all of these actions can occur based on the candidate's score.

For example, top candidates could book time directly with the recruiter, while candidates that score moderately well are sent the link to the job posting to apply. And candidates that are not qualified at all could be encouraged to sign up for the talent community to stay up to date on relevant jobs.

Unlock a whole new source of qualified candidates with Text-for-Jobs campaigns.

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How to 2x Your Flow of Qualified Candidates & Save 10+ Hours a Week

I was in the market recently for marketing software. I was looking at options like Salesforce and HubSpot, and I had a bunch of questions to determine which platform was the best fit for us.

I went to Salesforce's website and was able to get a few of my questions answered based on what was listed on their website. But I still had a lot of questions.

So I filled out a form with the details about my business and waited to hear back.

Then I went to Hubspot's website, where I was greeted by a chatbot, who asked me a few questions before routing me to the appropriate sales rep to continue the discussion.

In under 5 minutes, I had all my questions answered and decided to schedule a demo. I booked a time and a calendar invite was immediately sent to my inbox.

One week later, about the time a Salesforce rep reached out to me from the form I submitted, I was already onboarding with Hubspot, confident I found the right solution for our business.

As a buyer, my experience with Hubspot happened on my terms, when it was convenient for me. And I loved it, because I could quickly figure out if there was a good fit.

In the world of recruiting, shouldn't that be how it feels for our candidates as well?


The Next Shift in Recruiting: Conversational Recruiting

We founded Grayscale with a simple question -- What if people weren't forced to apply for a job to get their questions answered and see if they were a good fit?

What if businesses could make it extremely easy, in a scalable way, for candidates to quickly start a conversation, find answers to their questions, and see if there is a mutual fit before they applied.

After all, the application should only be necessary if/when both parties get serious about considering one another.


Why Conversational Recruiting Will Double Your Flow of Qualified Candidates

So here's the kicker -- by treating people right and making it super easy for them to start a conversation with you, the number of qualified candidates open to engaging nearly doubles.

It turns out, without the barrier of an application, candidates engage a lot more.

And this is precisely the goal of conversational recruiting -- to allow recruiters to engage in more conversations with qualified candidates.

Brands like CBS Interactive, Zappos, and Follett are opening up channels like live chat, text message, and Facebook Messenger to engage with passive candidates.

Whether someone is visiting a career site, Facebook page, job posting, booth at a hiring event, or store location, candidates can seamlessly start a conversation.

Simple conversations like these can be super powerful for engaging and converting passive candidates.

The goal is not to open up the floodgates for a ton of noise -- instead, you want to surface only the most qualified candidates for a recruiter to connect with.


How Conversational Recruiting Saves Recruiters 10+ Hours a Week

At Grayscale, we think chatbots are a great way to automate top of the funnel conversations, while still giving a personalized, tailored experience to candidates.

And when there's an open job that's a good match for a candidate's experience, the bot will introduce a recruiter or hiring manager to take over from there.

This allows recruiters to maximize their time, only having conversations with qualified candidates, while still delivering a high touch experience for every single candidate.

An effective chatbot is equipped to help out with the following recruiting tasks:

  • Sourcing: to help you feed your talent funnel with pre-qualified candidates
  • Answering Candidate FAQs: to help candidates get their questions answered in real time, 24/7
  • Job Search & Apply: to match candidates to the right job opportunity with your company and make it seamless to apply
  • Candidate Screening: to intelligently screen candidates for open jobs
  • Interview scheduling: to seamlessly schedule interviews with qualified candidates

By offloading repetitive tasks like these, recruiters can free up 10+ hours a week to focus on sourcing and proactively building talent pipelines.

This level of automation keeps the recruiter in the driver seat, while supercharging their capabilities and reach. ⚡


Let's Make the Hiring Process More Human 😄

At Grayscale, we believe conversational recruiting is a better approach to recruiting -- for both candidates and recruiters.

It's time to put the candidate in the driver seat and allow them to engage when, where, and how they want to.

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How Healthcare Recruiters Can Leverage Messaging to Double their Flow of Qualified Candidates

A few months back, I had this cough that just wouldn't go away. One of those hacking coughs that comes out of nowhere and keeps you up all night.

I tend to avoid the doctor at all costs, but after a month straight of horrible coughing fits, my wife dragged me to the clinic near our house.

While we were there, I casually asked my wife if she thought the clinic was hiring. She's a nurse, and we recently had our first child, so she was looking to get back to work. And this place was right around the corner from us.

But when we left the clinic, we went about our daily lives and completely forgot to look into it further. She ended up landing a gig at the birthing center in town a few months later.

For that business (who was in fact hiring for nurses), the moment had come and gone. They missed out on hiring a great nurse who was interested, available, and local.

The interesting thing is, this sort of thing happens all the time.

People interact with your brand and experience a moment where they think, "Huh, I wonder if they're hiring?" -- only to get distracted and go on about their daily lives.

What if your business could engage great talent whenever and wherever they have an experience like this with your brand?

You'd have far more qualified, inbound candidates expressing interest at the moment when they're most engaged and interested.

And that's where conversational recruiting comes in.


The Crazy World of Healthcare Recruiting 👩‍⚕️

Healthcare recruiting is a mix of both high volume and high touch recruiting.

Recruiting for medical support roles? You're likely in the high volume game, sorting through and screening lots of candidates to find the few qualified ones.

If you're recruiting for doctors, dentists, or ophthalmologists -- well, your candidate flow is more of a trickle at best, and most of your time is spent sourcing and courting MDs.

And roles like nurses, optometrists, and dental hygienists usually fall somewhere in the middle, depending upon the market, the brand, and a few other variables.

Each one of these use cases has unique recruiting challenges and needs.

But what typically holds true across all these examples is there is consistently a low number of qualified candidates to choose from.

This is where messaging and chatbots can help -- to drive more qualified candidates for your jobs with zero additional effort for the recruiter.

I know, I know. Before you roll your eyes and say that chatbots are waaaay to gimmicky for your conservative organization, just hear me out.

The goal of a modern recruiting team should be to make it as easy as possible for great talent to start a conversation and express interest in working for your brand, and chatbots are a very effective, highly scalable solution for this.

Let's explore a few simple ways to leverage messaging and chatbots specifically for healthcare recruiting...


#1: Leverage Texting to Engage Talent in Your ATS and at Your Locations

Whether you're a healthcare recruiter supporting a single hospital or a dozen facilities, text messaging has the potential of transforming the way you recruit.

Text messages command a 98% open rate, compared to 20% for email. Just a simple shift like this can have a huge impact.

There are two key ways to leverage texting in healthcare recruiting: 1) outbound group messages, and 2) inbound campaigns.

Outbound group messaging is pretty straightforward -- you message a group of candidates in your ATS, notifying them about an available position they may be a good fit for. They respond, answer a few screening questions, and then schedule time with the recruiter to discuss the role.

Inbound campaigns, on the other hand, will feed your pipeline with new candidates that haven't already applied.

With texting campaigns, candidates are able to text inbound to learn more about job openings and apply directly via text message.

For example, if you have lots of locations, you can post signage at the front door or checkout counter prompting candidates to "Text 'Jobs' to learn about job opportunities with us."

Here's an example of what this could look like for your brand. 👇


For qualified candidates, they send a few text messages to learn about open jobs, answer a few screening questions, and schedule a call directly with the recruiter, all in a manner of minutes.

For healthcare recruiters, this accomplishes 2 key goals:

Drives more traffic inbound by lowering the barrier of entry, and
Only surfaces pre-qualified, available candidates for the recruiting team (without introducing unnecessary noise in the process).
You can post these campaigns at your locations, share them on social media, and add them to your job postings to help drive additional qualified traffic inbound.


#2: Start Conversations on Facebook and Instagram

In healthcare recruiting, if Facebook and Instagram are not an integral part of your hiring strategy, you're really missing out.

Facebook and Instagram two of the best platforms to advertise to, engage, and source healthcare talent. They offer robust messaging platforms that make it easier than ever to connect with top talent.

And leveraging a messaging platform like Grayscale makes it easy to manage conversations via Facebook Messenger, along with channels like text message and live chat, all in one consolidated inbox.

So it doesn't matter where the conversations are coming from -- you can just focus on engaging with the best talent. 💪

Let’s look at a few simple ways to harness Facebook for your recruiting efforts.


Facebook & Instagram Sponsored Ads

Leveraging sponsored posts can be extremely impactful for driving candidates to your jobs.

And you can enable your call-to-action to trigger a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, immediately starting a conversation with the candidate.

With the click of a button, the candidate is messaging back and forth about open jobs.

Candidates can even answer a few screening questions to get pre-qualified and connected directly with a recruiter.



Now compare this experience with clicking on an ad, just to be redirected to a static career site or job posting. If the candidate isn't ready to apply, you'll never see them again. End of story. ✌️


Start Conversations via Social Posts

In addition to sponsored ads, Facebook and Instagram are great channels for getting the word out about job openings with your brand.

Instead of sharing job postings, allow candidates to either text in or message you via Facebook Messenger.



While only 12% of the workforce are actively looking for jobs and applying for opportunities, 73% are passive candidates that are open to engaging in a conversation and exploring job opportunities.

That's why making a shift like this is so important.

Sharing job descriptions on social channels is a fairly effective tactic for getting active candidates to apply. But it's a terrible strategy for engaging with great passive candidates.


Start Conversations on Your Facebook Page

Whether you like it or not, candidates are using Facebook to do research about your brand.

For a candidate, a company's Facebook page is a great way to see real pictures of real people and gather info that can't be gathered on your average career site with stock photos and scripted copy.

While you have a captive audience on your Facebook page, engage them in a conversation. After all, 67% of job seekers leverage Facebook during their job search.



If a candidate starts a conversation, you're able to immediately gather their Facebook profile info, along with any new information gathered by your chatbot.

Candidates can browse through job openings, answer a few screening questions, and connected with a recruiter if qualified. All via the Facebook Messenger platform.


#3: Start Conversations Directly on Your Career Site

With all the traffic being driven to your career site, it's imperative to have a way to engage candidates once they're there.

The average career site only converts at 8.6%, so it's important to offer ways for passive candidates to engage and express interest beyond just applying for a job (because, remember, passive candidates aren't applying to your jobs).

Adding a chatbot directly on your career site is a great way to engage with top talent and increase your flow of qualified candidates.



Turn your career site into an engaging, interactive experience that candidates will love. ❤️


Let's Make Healthcare Recruiting More Human 😊

Offering candidates a more conversational, engaging experience isn't just good for business, it's also a far better experience for candidates.

Each of the tactics above is easy to implement and will transform your team's ability to highlight your employer brand and drive more qualified candidates in the door.

At Grayscale, we build software to help support a conversational recruiting approach like this.