Grayscale for Employees

Seamless Employee Communications

The key to talent retention is an engaged & connected workforce. Transform your employee experience leveraging SMS, WhatsApp, and automation. Quickly engage with employees when you need to send emergency communications or simply update employee data, all with your HRIS.

Create a high-touch experience for your deskless workers

Deskless employees don’t check email and rarely log in to the HRIS. It’s time to start engaging them on channels they do check – SMS and WhatsApp. With Grayscale, you can text with employees, send emergency comms, share updates, and forge stronger relationships.

Reduce admin tasks for HR teams

Automate communication throughout the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, open enrollment, employee surveys, and so much more. Supercharge your HR team with Grayscale.

Celebrate milestones to create connection

Celebrate each employee at key milestones, including birthdays, work anniversaries, certifications earned, and much more. Notify and communicate promotion opportunities, share company updates, and encourage employee referrals, while creating connection and meaning in the workplace.

Automate meeting and event scheduling

HR and management teams can waste so much time coordinating events and meetings. Let Grayscale automate scheduling and reminders to always keep your workforce in the know of important events.

What does Grayscale mean to your bottom line?


Decrease in Time-to-Fill


Saved per Open Requisition


Decrease in Interview Ghosting


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