Grayscale for Onboarding

Simplify and accelerate onboarding

So much time and money is spent hiring new employees, but a clunky onboarding process results in significant delays and new hire no-show, particularly with deskless workers. Transform your onboarding experience leveraging SMS, WhatsApp and automation to create a seamless experience.

Create a frictionless onboarding experience

Create a high touch, mobile-first onboarding experience with the power of SMS and automation. Text new hires throughout the process, automate reminders for outstanding tasks to complete, and surface issues early to offer white glove support.

Make each moment count

Create a best-in-class onboarding experience, every time. Automate the pre-boarding and onboarding experience and surface issues before they result in drop-off. Craft SMS drip campaigns so new hires feel welcome and well supported, and highlight your brand and company culture.

What does Grayscale mean to your bottom line?


Decrease in Time-to-Fill


Saved per Open Requisition


Decrease in Interview Ghosting


More Engagement from Talent