AI & Its Role in High Volume Hiring

Grayscale for SuccessFactors: Conversational AI, Interview Scheduling, plus Employee Central & Onboarding Integrations

For our SuccessFactors customers, Grayscale has helped eliminate friction throughout the hiring process with our SMS and automation capabilities.

All of that is about to change.

With our Spring release, Grayscale’s new innovations and capabilities drive even more value for our customers. We’re doing so in 2 ways – unlocking next-gen conversational AI capabilities to supercharge recruiting, and expanding our offering to include onboarding and employee comms.

Also meet Gracie, our Conversational AI tool, for the first time! Gracie is a member of your team, always helpful and on brand, creating a great experience for your candidates. Capabilities include:

• Job Search: Helping candidates find the most relevant job for their skill set
• FAQs: Answering questions about the company or the specific job
• Pre-Screening: Asking questions to identify whether the person and the role would be a good fit
• Applying: Helping candidates apply for a job with a simple conversation
• Scheduling: Automating interview coordination, for a fast, frictionless scheduling experience