Welcome to a New Era of AI

A new era of AI is here. Grayscale’s conversational AI platform leverages the latest AI technology to deliver a fantastic human-like experience. Converse naturally, ask ad hoc questions, and get high quality, contextually relevant answers.

Built on the latest next-generation AI models, chosen for accuracy, speed, cost, multilingual abilities, control speed, and platform

The tolerance for “old AI” is waning as people become more used to the accuracy of models like ChatGPT. People want quick, accurate answers and a fantastic human-like natural experience – anything less is incredibly frustrating.

Completely frictionless, natural interactions

Whether you speak with slang, emojis, free-form messages, or you simply select a response prompt, your experience will be quick and natural as Gracie just “gets you”.

Gracie focuses on what matters most: Helping candidates

Gracie is a member of your team, always helpful and on brand, creating a great experience for your candidates. Capabilities include:

  • Job Search: Helping candidates find the most relevant job for their skill set
  • FAQs: Answering questions about the company or the specific job
  • Pre-Screening: Asking questions to identify whether the person and the role would be a good fit
  • Applying: Helping candidates apply for a job with a simple conversation
  • Scheduling: Automating interview coordination, for a fast, frictionless scheduling experience

Speaks nearly any language, natively

Switch languages whenever you want throughout the conversation and Gracie does not miss a beat

Seamlessly switch channels and don’t miss a beat

Whether a candidate starts a conversation with Gracie via chat on the career site, or through text message or WhatsApp, they can seamlessly switch from one channel to another. Gracie picks up right where they left off and nudges them to continue the conversation.

Quick time to value with no training or fine tuning

Say goodbye to lengthy and costly implementations. Grayscale brings you a seamless install with incredibly fast time to value. Using already trained and finely tuned models, it can be pointed at your career site and running in minutes. Configuration is a snap.

Built from the ground up to be secure and responsible

Built with security, privacy, and ethical use in mind. No data is used or will ever be used for model training purposes. No data is shared back with the original creators of the model.

What does Grayscale mean to your bottom line?


Decrease in Time-to-Fill


Saved per Open Requisition


Decrease in Interview Ghosting


More Engagement from Talent