Grayscale Supercharges Texting in SAP SuccessFactors

We’re so excited to announce our upgraded SAP SuccessFactors texting integration is live, and we’ve now officially launched in the SAP Store!

You can now use Grayscale right inside your ATS to make communicating with candidates easier than ever.


Leverage Grayscale’s Entire Suite of Tools, Directly within SAP SuccessFactors

Grayscale is a feature-rich candidate engagement tool designed for recruiters on SAP SuccessFactors. Text, send bulk messages, automate communication, and survey your candidates all within SAP SuccessFactors.

Grayscale Dashboard Graphic


You Can Message Candidates Directly within SAP SuccesFactors

Engage candidates where they are – on their phones. There’s no better channel to engage candidates and drive the process forward for high volume hiring. 🏄‍♀️


Automate the Busy Work, and Get to the Human Steps Faster

Leverage automations to start taking meaningful steps with your candidates faster, without replacing the human elements. 💐

Automated Message Examples



Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with Advanced NPS Surveys

NPS surveys are built into Grayscale to help you understand your candidates and uncover insights to grow your talent pool. 💫


Track the Metrics That Matter to Your Team

Keep an eye on metrics like cold response rates, cold response times, messages sent, and conversations had. 💪


Ready to give it a try?


Activate Your SAP SuccessFactors Integration Today 🤗

Visit us in the SAP Store, or book a demo with us directly, and help your team transform their volume hiring process with Grayscale.