Supercharge Candidate Flow with Text-for-Jobs SMS Shortcodes

So many people are looking for a new job or know someone looking for a new one! If they like what you do, they wonder if you’re hiring. What are the chances they hunt down your career site to explore open positions and then apply for themselves or share that info with a friend?

Close to zero.

That’s why we created Text-for-Jobs. Now you can easily connect with candidates as soon as they leave.

Simply text a keyword (e.g. ‘JOBS’) to a phone number (e.g., 89743). Candidates can be matched to relevant jobs and even get connected with a recruiter if they are qualified.




The best part? These campaigns are very flexible and easy to brand. Let’s break down a Text-for-Jobs campaign and explore its impact on your recruiting pipeline.


The Greeting 👋

When candidates text in, they are met with a warm welcome. This first text is an excellent opportunity to put your best foot forward and make a tremendous on-brand first impression.


Text-for-Jobs Example


Matching Candidates to Open Jobs

With the help of our intelligent screen system, candidates can answer a few questions to see a list of open positions from your career site. Text-for-Jobs will provide links to relevant job postings for which they can review and apply without having to hunt down your career site to explore and use.


Screening & Scoring

With the ability to add screening questions to your campaign and score candidates based on their responses, you can get candidates routed to the most productive place asap!


Intelligently Routing Candidates

If you use Text-for-Jobs to screen and score your candidates, you can use their answers to your questions to automatically:

  • Direct them to a link to apply for the job
  • Allow the candidate to schedule time with a recruiter or hiring manager
  • Tee up a conversation in your inbox that you can reply to at your convenience
  • Encourage candidates to sign up for your talent community
  • Politely disposition candidates that aren’t qualified

What makes it great? These actions can occur based on the candidate’s score.

For example, top candidates could book time directly with the recruiter, while candidates that score moderately well are sent the link to the job posting to apply. Meanwhile, candidates who are not qualified could be encouraged to sign up for the talent community to stay up to date on relevant jobs.

Revolutionize your hiring potential with a Text-for-Jobs campaign built just for you.