Just What the Doctor Ordered: Lexington Medical Center Transforms Hourly Hiring with Grayscale

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

But what if you want a doctor?

What if you’re looking for incredible physicians, top-talent nurses and clinicians, imaging technicians and medical staff? That’s where hourly hiring becomes so crucial.

To make sure your high-volume hiring process is fit as a fiddle, let’s go under the knife with Lexington Medical Center. In a world where the healthcare hiring scene resembles a high-speed roller coaster, Lexington Medical Center (LMC) craved a dash of innovation to turbocharge its hiring game.

A renowned healthcare institution, LMC strives for excellence in patient care through a dedicated team of medical professionals. With a commitment to recruiting top talent across various roles, Lexington Medical Center faced the challenge of efficiently engaging candidates in a competitive hiring landscape.

  • Low response rates
  • Delayed communication
  • Slowed recruitment cycle due to manual administrative tasks
  • Engaging entry-level candidates (particularly students from campus recruiting events)

Grayscale has entered the chat.

(Cue the horns! Wait, we don’t have horns? Okay, let’s continue without the horns.

"Can I scream from the mountain tops, that I LOOOOOOOVE Grayscale. Best money ever spent."

- Angela, Senior Healthcare Recruiter

In order to optimize their hourly hiring process and give it a clean bill of health, Lexington Medical Center turned to Grayscale. It was a game-changer. The platform addressed the challenges of response rate and speed to response by providing a streamlined communication channel that resonated well with candidates.

Grayscale's integration with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), SuccessFactors, further improved organization and ease of use for recruiters, enabling them to manage candidate pipelines efficiently. "Grayscale is hands down the best money we’ve ever spent. The hours I played phone tag prior to Grayscale are nonexistent now,” said Angela, Senior Healthcare Recruiter: Clinical & Executive Recruitment at Lexington Medical Center.

The adoption of Grayscale yielded remarkable results for Lexington Medical Center:

Enhanced Communication and Engagement:

Grayscale significantly improved communication and engagement with candidates, particularly in nursing roles, imaging roles, and among busy clinicians who preferred texting over phone calls.

Expedited Hiring Process:

The speed of connecting with candidates was expedited, leading to faster scheduling and hiring. Entry-level positions also benefited from improved communication, despite initially lower response rates not attributed to Grayscale.

Operational Efficiency:

Grayscale reduced manual legwork, improved documentation, and provided transparency throughout the hiring process. Additionally, it streamlined onboarding tasks, such as health checks and paperwork, contributing to operational efficiency.

Positive Candidate Experience:

Candidates experienced faster and more efficient communication, leading to an enhanced overall candidate experience.

Ease of Implementation and Training:

Implementing Grayscale was relatively easy, with quick and intuitive training for the recruitment team.



Cold response rate (percentage of people who respond to first text)

19 Minutes

Cold response time (average amount of time to respond to the first text)


Grayscale not only transformed their recruitment strategy but also elevated the overall candidate experience. Through leveraging our innovative features, Lexington Medical Center sought to enhance candidate engagement, streamline communication, and expedite the hiring process. Check. Check. And Check.

Hourly hiring is alive and kicking at Lexington Medical Center, thanks to Grayscale.

“I say almost every day,” as Angela reflects on Grayscale’s impact, “we’d better not let this contract expire. We can reach people faster. They can reach us faster. I have not found the downside to Grayscale yet.”

We don’t think you will :)