Conversational FAQs

Automate candidate FAQs, regardless of language or time of day

A great candidate experience means questions are answered promptly and next steps are clear. But, all that communication adds up fast and taxes even the most efficient team. Let Gracie field questions for you around the clock, driving a best-in-class experience that’s on brand and on time.

Offload repetitive tasks with the power of conversational AI

Gracie is the side-kick you never knew you always needed – supporting your team and fielding common questions, regardless of language or time of day.

Works around the clock

Has your team gone home for the day, at a prime time when candidates are asking questions after hours? Gracie keeps them engaged by getting a quick response to their questions and moving them closer to the next step.

What does Grayscale mean to your bottom line?


Decrease in Time-to-Fill


Saved per Open Requisition


Decrease in Interview Ghosting


More Engagement from Talent