How Healthcare Recruiters are Rewriting Hiring

Healthcare workers are busy people. With hiring needs skyrocketing, how can you capture the attention of preoccupied candidates? And more importantly, how can you move them through your application process quickly to secure great hires?

Turns out, you aren’t the only one looking for answers to these questions!

“We were missing out on great talent even after they were applying. We needed a way to get in front of the right candidates faster than our competitors.”

– Kirby Cole, EyeCare Partners

When it comes to finding a creative way to stay in touch with your candidates, many companies are exploring texting as a communication tool.


Why SMS?

It’s no surprise; we’re much more attached to our phones than we want to be. Why are we all so connected? Aside from its physiology, you know, pretty blue light that stimulates our brains, we’re addicted to them because it’s convenient. Texts have made staying in contact with people easier than ever.

You send one when you’re free, and they get back to you when they are free. It’s all written down, so you remember what you’re talking about when the conversation shifts to fit your own schedules.

“We are utilizing Grayscale’s texting platform all hours of the day to follow up on with our recruited and onboarding staff on interview and documentation status.”

– Brandon DuBois, Centria Healthcare


What makes texting worth the investment?

Texting is becoming a prominent communication tool because it’s so advantageous for recruiters and candidates alike.

Our customers love texting because it is a:

  • Simple and straightforward way to connect, making it easy for recruiters to manage large req loads and massive pipelines
  • Great way to increase your candidate engagement and drastically improve your response times
  • Less formal channel, making it an effortless way to showcase your personality and get to know your candidates (hello emojis! 👋)
  • Priority for most people. We all go to bed with emails piling up. Not many of us go to sleep with unread text messages.

“We would not be able to keep up with our current pipeline and interview volume without Grayscale.”

– Brandon DuBois, Centria Healthcare

With the help of automation, templates, and bulk messages, texting is Healthcare recruiting’s new favorite tool.


Where does texting come in handy in Healthcare?

The real question is: where doesn’t it? Reaching candidates in the palm of their hand means the benefits and use cases are almost endless! Here are a few of our customer’s favorites:


Leveraging SMS to fill their pipeline.

With text-4-jobs, they can get in front of their candidates and help them initiate the process right from their phones. Text-4-jobs makes it easy to apply, get in touch with a recruiter, and move from application to interview in a few simple steps.


Accelerating scheduling and decreasing time-to-fill.

Using automations, our customers keep the stress of herding cats out of what should be a pleasant opportunity to get to know amazing people. They use technology to automate repeatable tasks, like scheduling interviews, to get their candidates in person and on-site faster.


Staying in touch round the clock.

Healthcare workers never stop, with the ability to reply when it’s convenient and respond when your recruiters can, SMS helps keep you top of mind while keeping candidates engaged, excited, and interested in the process.


So why isn’t this an industry standard?

Great question! Honestly, we’re not quite sure.

A lot of people assume texting is too informal of a channel. The reality is that we get texts from businesses all the time! They remind us of upcoming events and appointments, sales, important reminders or things we should bring to a meeting, and much more.

Our world is fed up with over-complicated and long-winded emails. We’re microwave people who want what we want, when we want it, with the easiest path forward. Naturally, we’re inclined to pick a method of communication that is quick and simple.

The nature of emails brings out our anxious brain cells, and we tend to stress about them, overthinking and procrastinating if we can. Meanwhile, texting feels like you’re talking to a friend! It’s easy to shoot a quick reply back, and it feels approachable if you have a question or are unsure/confused about the next step.


What can this look like in your hiring process?

The thing we love about SMS is that you can get a lot of benefits by adding it to an existing process, or you can use SMS to pioneer a whole new process.

Incorporating text into your volume, hiring can range from basic integrations for one-on-one messaging to more complex and thorough systems to help facilitate your hiring process for you.

No matter how you choose to leverage texting in your healthcare hiring process, your candidates will engage with you faster and more frequently than you ever imagined.

Ready to give it a try?