TextRecruit is Old News, Embrace Text Recruiting with Grayscale

With candidate experience becoming a key TA focus, it’s more essential now than ever before to find ways to quickly stay in touch with your candidates at every stage. Lately, texting softwares are popping up left and right. Each one aims to help you stay in touch with your applicants. Today, we’ll explore what makes Grayscale a great alternative to TextRecruit, now called, Text Engagement.

We know you want to find the best messaging platform for your team, so we created this overview of Grayscale’s key features to show you why our product is a stellar alternative to TextRecruit.


Grayscale bakes texting right into your ATS

Texting is the way we all communicate in our daily lives, and it’s time we start using this powerful channel to engage with talent. But when it’s not baked into your ATS, it can be a recruiter’s nightmare!

We integrate with all of the major ATS to make it simple and efficient to communicate day in and day out with your applicants. Unsure if we integrate with your ATS? Explore our integrations page.

Let’s take a quick look at Grayscale’s core texting functionality and how it compares to TextRecruit.


Texting with Candidates

With Grayscale’s Chrome extension, you can text candidates directly from within your ATS. Our extension pops out to conveniently let you chat with candidates as you move through your workflow and navigate candidate profiles.

The best part? Every action you take in the Chrome extension is synced to your ATS to document all candidates communications for you.


Dedicated, Local Phone Numbers

During onboarding, we’ll ask you to pick local area codes for the markets you recruit in. Then, we’ll give each member of your team their own local number.

We’ve all been there, narrowly avoiding and silencing our phone when we get obvious spam calls. Local numbers help prevent that “this is weird” feeling from occurring and in turn boost your response rates, improve your response times, and enhance your overall candidate engagement.


Bulk Text Messaging

With Grayscale, you can send personalized text messages in bulk. Select a list or upload a CSV file, craft one message or use a template, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Unlike sending out a group message, bulk texts allow you to send the same text message individually to the candidates you hand select. Each candidate has the ability to reply directly to the recruiter who sent the bulk message making it an easy way to curate and develop your talent pool.


Scheduled Messages

Want to send a text in the future? No problem. Pick your ideal date and time to have your message delivered. This ensures the candidate gets your message at the right time, maximizing your response rates.


Automated Workflows

Grayscale offers automated workflows allowing you to keep in touch with your candidates without lifting a finger. Use triggers such as candidate stage changes, application submissions, upcoming events, and more to help keep your finger on the pulse and your applicants engaged.


Unlimited Texting

Unlike other products, Grayscale has no limit on the number of text messages you can send through the platform. So you and your team can start texting and never look back. 🏃


No Character Limit

Don’t you hate when pesky character limits prevent you from sending the text you want? Yeah, us too. 😅 That’s why Grayscale doesn’t limit the number of characters for your text.


One Consolidated View

How annoying is it to get a candidate all the way to the end of your process, just to realize they’re also applying for another job at your company. 😱

We consolidate all texts into one thread so you can keep tabs on what your candidates are up to. Your messages appear in blue and your colleagues in green to help you identify duplicative efforts.


Text On-the-Go

Need to take the conversation on the go? We make it easy to keep in touch with a mobile app to house your Grayscale inbox when you’re not at your laptop. With the same syncing features you get on your desktop, you can communicate seamlessly without ever stopping to think about updating your ATS.


Grayscale drives more candidates to your jobs with Text-for-Jobs

Looking for ways to drive more pre-qualified candidates to your jobs?

With Text-for-Jobs, candidates can text inbound to search open jobs, get pre-screened for opportunities, and get routed to the job that best fits them.

You can advertise your Text-for-Jobs campaigns on social media, at store locations, hiring events, on campus, on billboards — the possibilities are endless. Candidates text a keyword (e.g. “JOBS”) to a short code number (e.g. 87943) to chat about openings.

Text-for-Jobs is automated and allows you to stay on top of this process 24/7. Round the clock you’ll be engaging candidates and driving interested, qualified candidates to apply for your open roles.

If you’re looking to increase your talent pool, Text-for-Jobs may be a great fit, when Follett rolled out Text-for-Jobs, they immediately saw a 40% increase in the number of qualified interviews scheduled for their jobs.