Transwest is a fast-growing transportation company with a mission of getting customers on the road and keeping them there.

They offer sales, parts, service, and finance for almost every aspect of the transportation industry, ranging from heavy and medium duty trucks and trailers, all the way down to cars, SUVs, RVs and everything in between.


The Challenge

Transwest has a lot of competition for top talent in their industries. They hire for a high volume of manufacturing and service positions, along with a lower-but-steady volume of corporate staff positions.

Their challenge was twofold: In a tight labor market, Transwest wasn’t getting enough candidates to apply, and when they did apply, recruiters were having trouble with candidates falling out of the process or just going radio silent.

Breanne Ness, Transwest’s VP of Learning and Development, felt they were losing out on top quality candidates.

Traditionally, the recruiting team would reach out to candidates via phone and email and leave messages whenever possible, but the results were underwhelming.

Transwest was fighting for candidates that were getting courted by multiple companies, so they had to provide the easiest, most engaging experience possible to give themselves a competitive edge.

“Our goal was to quickly engage with applicants and turn them into candidates. In our market, most people we engage with are employed, so we have to communicate quickly and discreetly, while creating an amazing experience.”

– Breanne Ness, VP of Learning & Development


The Solution

Transwest implemented Grayscale’s conversational recruiting platform, enabling them to text with candidates from within their ATS.

Right away, the Transwest’s recruiting team started feeling the impact of a more conversational approach.

Their response rate immediately shot up to 48%, a huge improvement from email and voicemail. And their response time dropped to a mere 35 minutes!

“Response time for candidates is so much better when we can reach out via text message using Grayscale. If we emailed or left a voicemail, it would often take until the next day before we’d get a response. With texting, it’s within a few hours”

– Breanne Ness

Leveraging Grayscale allowed them to build another level of rapport with candidates, which simply wasn’t possible with email or cold calls.

Part of Transwest’s hiring process involves candidates completing a pre-hire assessment. When they implemented texting as a way to notify candidates and answer questions, conversion rate shot up overnight, which was a huge win for them. This meant more fully vetted candidates moving to later stages in their hiring process.

Transwest has a lengthy application process, and Breanne sensed this was only compounding the problems they were experiencing.

“Navigating to a career site and clicking apply can be a bit intimidating and require a number of steps. Candidates aren’t always ready to take such big steps. We wanted to keep it simple – just text us!”

– Breanne Ness

As a result, they decided to implement Text-for-Jobs, allowing candidates to easily apply for jobs via text message.

This results in a much simpler experience for candidates, which helps differentiate Transwest and drive more candidates in the door.

“When I look at the amount and types of conversations we’re having with candidates, it’s a night and day difference from before. Grayscale is helping us have more quality conversations with candidates.”

– Breanne Ness


Bringing it All Together

Transwest had a great hiring process in place when they approached Grayscale.

They had a fantastic ATS implemented, paired with a very tight, effective recruiting process; but they felt they could be more effective. And they knew it started with a great candidate experience.

“In our efforts to provide a best in class candidate experience, Grayscale’s texting platform has clearly moved us in that direction.”

– Breanne Ness

If you’d like to explore how Grayscale could help transform your candidate experience, we’d love to chat.